DJ Fongi

Joseph Tehrani – but everyone knows him as Fongi. The name comes from a dish in the Tel Aviv mythological restaurant ‘Big Mama’ called ‘Fongi Ravioli’. It sticks and over the years the nickname has become the stage name of one of the most recognized, beloved and busy DJs in Israel.An active DJ for 20 years, he started at the’ Fetish’club in Tel Aviv and from there almost every club in the big city, Pride of Love Pride and more. He was musical director for clubs such as Galina, Gossip, Landan and the Otto bars . He was the co-owner of ‘Panda Club’ in Tel Aviv and Under 52..At the same time, he was djing all years abroad (Resident dj of OttoFest) and became a dominant night figure in Tel Aviv.However, most of his career has focused on music for events, weddings all over the world and large corporate events of huge brands such as ‘Facebook’, ‘Partner’, ‘Marlboro’ and more.His motto is “No crowd doesn’t dance, you just have to know what to play for it.” And he knows …After years at leading music companies and independent gigs – we’re proud to add one of our top, funniest and most experienced DJs to our team – DJ Fongi!

DJ Fongi play music for events, weddings all over the world
DJ Adam Lev
DJ Fongi play music at wedding
DJ Fongi play at party