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About Caliente

Caliente Music was established in 1996 by young musician and entrepreneur Erez Gazit, one of Israel’s top DJ’s at the Time. The company focused on providing Music solutions for corporate and private events. Very soon the company proven to be a success in the field of musical content and at the year 2004 it merged with “The Music Company” owned by Eli Nissan a brilliant local guitar player and the business rose to new heights.

In addition to the vast local activity in the Israeli market the company began to partake in several international ventures combining Israeli talents in the European market and importing international acts to local Israeli or Jewish oriented events.

During 2008 the company had a structure reorganization when Eli Nissan left the business to explore other ventures, this paved the road to young and rising DJ Danny Tuval to become a partner, Danny being one on the biggest names in the Tel Aviv DJ scene is a well-known and acknowledged DJ, Music critic and content director. In addition he is part of the incredible musical duo “Vooz Brothers”

2013 brought a new partner to the company by the name of Udi Or-Haim, a musical director, arranger and orchestrator, Udi is an alumni of “The Collective School of Music” N.Y.C. Udi was the musical director for Caliente’s Cover band Legend since 2010 and slowly made his way into partner.

Nowadays the company carries a wide variety of ensembles covering all aspects and musical genera’s from soft jazz bands for reception through chamber string quartets all the way to party oriented DJ based acts that will rock your party!!!!

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