ME.J – Media Solutions

ME.J creates customer experiences through music. We have developed an advanced music delivery platform specifically for commercial / business environments. We supply high quality curated music services to over 350 businesses in Israel. Among our clients are leading hotel chains, fashion stores, restaurants, bars and convenience stores.

Our solution includes:

  • Customer Music profiling & ongoing updates
  • 120 Music channels and over 250,000 songs in catalog (and growing)
  • Advanced on-site hardware player (small footprint, very reliable)
  • Cloud based management & distribution
  • Application to control Music from anywhere (PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, Web)
  • Public performance licenses*
  • Audio infrastructure*
  • 24/7 support

Player features include:

  • Fail Safe playback with no internet
  • High Quality Music playback (not streaming)
  • Full Day parting and scheduling control (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, on-off)
  • Music Normalization ensures even volume levels
  • Smart Shuffling mechanism ensures minimum song repetition
  • Song Mix provides seamless Music experience

(Our website is currently being translated to English)


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