“Caliente – The Music Company” is proud to announce the launch of a new record label in Israel – “Caliente Records”.

Shira Shalit, the legendary A&R and International Manager at Phonokol Records, joined us at “Caliente – The Music Company” , the biggest and most veteran company in Israel for music & DJ services for events & business, and together we are launching a new label – “Caliente Records”.

During her many years at Phonokol, Shira Shalit was responsible for signing some of biggest International hits of the last 2 decades, big artists , albums & leading International independent music labels.

Shalit has released during the years hundreds of various compilations and albums (which she compiled, edited and produced).

She dealt with all aspects of a records company(PR, production, marketing, distribution, working with IFPI, local societies etc.).

We are confident that the experience and the motivation of Shira and Caliente will lead “Caliente Records” to leading label in Israel

We will be looking to license in – singles, albums, catalogues – for digital / physical distribution as well as for neighboring rights and sync deals.